Major Works.

Dániel Dobri (born 13 April 1991, in Zalaegerszeg) is a young multi-award-winning composer and university lecturer. His work exhibits a wide range of genres and styles as evidenced by his classical and contemporary music, opera, choral works, musicals, theater music and pop music. Dobri is an active figure of the Hungarian and international concert life and his compositions have been played by many ensembles such as the Hungarian Radio Orchestra, Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok, Alba Regia Orchestra, Székesfehérvár and Orchestra of Ateneo Musica Basilicata. His pieces are performed in prestigious festivals, theatres and concert halls in Hungary, Italy (Rome, Matera, Potenza, Venosa), Slovakia (Bratislava, Kosice, Komarno), Germany (Berlin) and Romania (Oradea).